Little Cinema is a visually stunning, cross-disciplinary, immersive theatrical company dedicated to re-imagining films and presenting them in ever new and creative ways. 

Theater, video art, live music, dance and circus are integrated into the films, making cinema come to life. 

The company was founded by audiovisual artist CHNNLS (Jay Rinsky), with the support of NY's legendary, House of Yes.

In each performance, CHNNLS (Jay Rinsky) collaborates with an array of artists, musicians, dancers and circus performers to reimagine film. Little Cinema is known for it's ruthless creativity and mind-blowing output.  In less than 2.5 years since its inception, almost 40 unique productions have been created across the US, including major premiere events for TNT Network. Little Cinema has received mentions and praise in a variety of major publications and recently made New York Magazine’s ‘Best of New York – 2017’, and USA Today's - Best Of Bonnaroo 2018.

Think ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show' meets ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ with an arthouse sensibility. 

Every film is a performance.