In January 2018, in creative partnership with Civic, Little Cinema produced an immersive premiere party for TNT’s The Alienist. The party was hosted at The Paramount Studio Lot in LA, and after the premiere screening of The Alienist pilot episode. Little Cinema spearheaded the creative direction of a party that aimed to bring the world of The Alienist to life.


The Paramount Studio Lot was decorated with a custom set-build to resemble New York in 1896 - the period of The Alienist.

  • On set, over 50 actors, musicians and performers created a fully immersive environment playing everything from period policemen to paper boys

  • A working recreation of Delmonico’s Restaurant (the first restaurant to open in New York City) served food and entertained guests

  • A vaudeville stage gave host to performers from jugglers, to acrobats

  • Little Cinema produced and performed a 15 minute audiovisual art piece using content from The Alienist to end the party with a bang. Learn more about that here.