House Of Yes is our creative kitchen. It’s our original home and the fertile testing ground in which we grow all our best ideas.

We started doing shows at House Of Yes in 2016 on a wing and a prayer. “Let’s screen a film, let’s find the most creative people we can - dancers, circus artists, musicians, aerialists, anyone - and let’s turn it into a performance.” The ethos hasn’t changed much over the last 2 years.

We’ve produced over 40 shows at House Of Yes and we’ve created a cult following of die-hard fans and shows that sell out almost immediately (get on the mailing list here if you want tickets)

There is dance, circus, aerial, effects, alcohol, games, art, music and mess. There’s a bathtub in the middle of the room where one lucky audience member get’s to watch from. Come to our shows at House Of Yes expecting a crazy, all-out, what-the-fuck spectacle and you won’t be disappointed.


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