Little Cinema partnered with TNT Network to produce the immersive premieres for TNT’s new true crime limited series, I Am The Night.  Little Cinema created thought provoking, one-of-a-kind immersive premieres in both NYC and LA. Cast, talent and press were all in attendance.

Red carpet screenings of Episode 1 were followed by immersive after-parties building on the notions of art, identity , power and corruptions as seen in the show.  Guests were given the opportunity to get lost in a world of living art pieces, roving performers and immersive installations.


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Part 1 - NYC Premiere
A secret society in the heart of Soho


Location: A 5 story private Soho residence

An intimate star studded guest list by Andrew Saffir Cinema Society!  Had stars and influencers from Molly Ringwald to Pedro Pascal (Game Of Thrones) and Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) step into a secret world as if pulled an ‘eyes wide shut’ scene.

Guest were invited lost in a world of living art pieces, roving performers and immersive installations. Drinking champagne off a human candelabra, exploring an indoor pool converted to a surrealist dream world and taken away to private one on one experiences in hidden rooms.

The event was featured in Vauge, People and US to name a few and featured in Biz Bash’s Top Ideas for the week


Part 2 - LA
In a famous scene, Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) attends an Art Happening in L.A.  


Location: A Surrealist 60’s Art Happening at the Chateau.

Little Cinema offered guests a chance to get lost in the world of the protagonist character as she she encounters hidden rooms at a glamours Art Happening.

Key Activations included:

  • George Hodel’s Private Art Gallery

  • ‘Room 29’ - An audio visual secret performance using multiple screens, a jazz singer, piano player and a contemporary dancer teasing unseen content from the show.

  • A ‘Cut Piece’ interactive happening

  • ‘Universal Light’ A secret room inspired by Allan Kaprow’s ‘Words’ encouraging social shareability  

  • A 6 piece period jazz band

  • Live giant mural painting

  • The Garden Of Mirrors

  • The Surrealism Circus Stage

  • Custom made newspaper true to era and story lines form the show