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No. 11 - Necktie Youth - feat. Tiger + Man, + FREE Octagon 360 Records Afterparty


Little World No. 1 - Necktie Youth



Since our world keeps getting smaller and smaller, we are officially making it 'Little'.

Introducing our new series 'Little World', dedicated to foreign cinema fused with our signature blend of live performances and celebratory parties.

Once a month we'll pick a country and devote a night to bringing its culture to Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Our first destination will be Johannesburg, South Africa, for a screening of the charged film, Necktie Youth. Disillusion. Post-Apartheid. Post-Internet.

Jabz and September are angry. The two twenty-something year olds float through a day of drugs, sex and philosophizing in their privileged Johannesburg suburban neighborhood.  Shot using bold-black-and white photography, Necktie Youth pivots around the fall out of the internet live-streamed suicide of their friend, Emily.  They are ill-equipped to handle the tragedy that interrupts the mundaneness of their millennial lives.

"Breakthrough director Shongwe-La Mer's racially varied human subjects belong to what South Africans have come to term the "Born Free" generation: Born after Nelson Mandela's liberation and into a new democracy, they haven't directly known the horrors of the country's political past, yet are still living with its legacy." - Variety Magazine

Live underscore and performances by South African/New York duo Tiger+Man.

Join us at our afterparty as we dance late night with Sta7ck and Octagon 360 records. You've never heard Afrobeat quite like this.

Afterparty Visuals: Thomas Rahill

Tiger + Man:


GA: $12 Advance / $15 Night of

VIP: $20**

**VIP includes special seating, cocktail and food service