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No. 19 - When We Were Kings feat. El Chico Blanco + CHNNLS


Muhammad Ali ... Remixed.

The Champ. The Dancing. The Rhymes. 

Join us for a remixed screening of the Academy award winning documentary, 'When We Were Kings,' which tells the story of Muhammad Ali's famous 1974 fight against George Forman in Zaire.

Muhammad Ali's recent passing has made us reflect back on the full life of The Greatest, from sports hero to human rights activist.  This documentary features timeless archival footage of Ali from the 60's, and looks back at James Brown, Don King and George Forman's impact on the magic and rawness of this politically charged era. 

This special screening will be underscored and remixed in parts by the band El Chico Blanco and AV DJ CHNNLS, turning Ali's famous verses into live mixed media art on Little Cinema's big screen and stage.

Ali, boomsye!


El Chico Blanco

Hailing from NYC, El Chico Blanco is a band of a different color. Keys (Steve Blanco), Guitar (Geoff Gersh), & Drums (Anthony Riscica) make for an interesting sound in ethereal bluesy jams or a free-form improvisation. Combining elements of Rock, Blues, Metal, Ambient, Electro, Funk, & Improv, the group stays on course towards a steady stream of music, no matter the size of the room or venue.