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The Neverending Story - IMMERSIVE


An immersive screening of 80’s fantasy classic ‘The Never Ending Story’ featuring live musicians, flying acrobats, dj’s, remixed video scenes and 3D projection mapped video.


It’s 80’s fantasy month at Little Cinema and we’re taking on our favioirite childhood film as we give this cult classic our signature 'live cinema' treatment.


The show will fuse aerial performances, dance, and video art throughout the theater space, featuring Hybrid Movement Company, House Of Yes performers live musicians and our founding audio visual dj maestro, CHNNLS (Jay Rinsky) fussing the screen and the performances into a never ending epic spectacle. 


Wear your 80’s swag and come fight the ’Nothing’ from spreading and wiping out our world.

The night includes:

  • Immersive screening of the The Never Ending Story
  • Dance & aerial performances by Hybrid Movement Company & Trixie Pop
  • Live Video Remixing by CHNNLS (Jay Rinsky) 
  • Video Art & 3D projection by Josh Slaby
  • 80’s After Party by Dj Dropkat
  • Special cocktails all night
  • More talent to be announced


Doors: 7:00pm

Seating: 7:30pm

Screening: 8:00pm

FREE After Party: 10:00pm

About the Film:

The never ending story is a cult classic fantasy film produced in 1984. The feature follows the Bastian, a young boy who discovers an ancient special book that draws him into the mythical land of Fantasia which is on the verge of destruction by the great ‘Nothing’.  In Fantasia Bastian comes across the fearless warrior Atreyu, the flying dragon Falkor the beautiful Empress and many more now iconic fantastical creatures as the the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur.

More to be announcements coming 

Creative Directors:

Jay Rinsky, Francoise Voranger, Josh Oats

Produced by: Jay Rinsky

Video Art & Live film remixing: Jay Rinsky (CHNNLS)

Hybrid Movement Company:

3D Video Mapping & Graphics: Josh Slaby

Lighting: Dan Alaimo

Sound: Leo Liete

More talent announcements to come!