The Wilds: Live Trailer & Creator Stunt

Award Submission

The Wilds tells the story of a group of girls who find themselves stranded after a plane crash and at the center of a twisted social experiment. To promote Season 2, we brought that experiment to life and immersed fans in the conspiracy by revamping the traditional trailer format and turning it into an innovative live experience.

To create a live trailer experience, we built an open set with custom fabricated vignettes at Will Rogers State Beach and scripted a sequence of performances featuring actual show cast members and containing hints at season 2 storylines.

We then invited social media creators to observe & film the world of The Wilds in real time, and edit their own trailer to be posted on their own social media channels. This trailer environment replicated the voyeurism of the show, giving creators and fans the opportunity to act as puppet master of the experience, just like the show’s antagonist.

As a result, fans received multiple trailers - each told from a unique perspective.

“Whenever a trailer comes out, you get one perspective. What’s unique about this is that we’re all being asked to observe and frame things up as we see it. Fans aren’t just getting one trailer—they’re getting multiple interpretations.”

— Paul Nguyen, The Wilds’ group creative director

Every trailer pulled fans deeper into the story, generating conversations and fueling theories with red herrings that were begging to be analyzed. In addition we livestreamed our own version of the trailer across socials (Youtube, Twitter) and cut the official trailer for Season 2 from the same event, generating unprecedented fan engagement. The live trailers were shared with 43.9 million cumulative followers.